MiKayla Gunn

CMA Nashville Singer/Songwriter & Artist



             CMA affiliated MiKayla Gunn has grown up in the music industry in the Country genre and has even been part of the modeling and acting world as well. She has had an extensive background being involved in performing on The Band Perry's side stage, starred in several films, commercials, TV shows, movies like Pitch Perfect 3, fashion runway shows, music videos, and so much more! 

             However, God has been using all of this experience as well as her faith and worship team experience at her church as a roadmap in to the Christian genre. She is humbled to be able to share her testimonies through her music and hopes others can relate too. The glory, will always be, to God! We all are proud to see her journey and she is humbled as she leaves His light in this world one step at a time!​

            Along with her new Christian genre, she has been expressing her faith through another God given talents too - art! She is a commissioned artist who still hopes to show the light of Jesus Christ through means of paintings and photographs along side of her music and words. 

            MiKayla still has several of her country music videos out and is constantly working on more projects behind the scenes in this new season of rebranding. Be sure to check out her social media sites for more information like videos of her latest gigs, upcoming events, and fun behind the scene posts. Show your support by liking and following her social media platforms! Don't forget to check out and fill out the 'Fan Club!' page on this website to enter to win a Fan Club Members Only welcome gift(s)! We all appreciate all the encouragement the fans have given her and we couldn't do it without y'all but more importantly, we couldn't do it without the guidance of the Holy Spirit through our savior, Jesus Christ! 

            She is humbled with her mission going towards the deaf community. Mikayla's brother is deaf and she's always wanted him to enjoy music as much as she does so she's dedicated to providing an ASL Interpreter at her gigs to provide a more inclusive environment! She also shows support to the deaf community through her art pieces as well! If you are in need of an ASL interpreter  make sure you reach out to us via facebook and we will strive to make all the proper accommodations! She'd love to see you there! Also, if you are an interpreter and would like to be a part of this mission I encourage you to reach out via Facebook and connect with us!


           "He has gifted me with many things including my music and my art. It is my mission to use these gifts I’ve been given to glorify him while I am still here and able to do so! He has given me and my family so many blessings and I am humbled to keep His light shining one testimony at a time! 

            A candle does not get dimmer by lighting more candles, so let's make the world a little bit brighter, one ‘candle,’ one song, and one artwork at a time! 

God Bless."  MiKayla Gunn.


Stay tuned below for upcoming events and shows! See more details on MiKayla's Facebook page (link attached). 

Previous events


Deaf Nation

 —  —

Osceola Heritage Park, 1875 Silver Spur Ln, Kissimmee

This is an event for the deaf and hard of hearing community and all are welcome to attend! I will have a booth set up for a meet and greet as well as selling some goodies to help me record some more music! Come out and show your support or if you cant make it, share this event to show your support through your spirit!


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